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TEDx Guatemala City 2012

To kick start any day, there’s nothing more inspirational than an eighteen minute TED talk. I personally watch several a week, and at times, one per day.  For those who aren’t familiar, TED stands for Technology, Entertainment (sometimes substituted by Education), and Design, and was created for one simple mission – to promote and spread [...]

Build Up To Semana Santa

Greetings friends of HSA! We here at HSA endeavor to provide a total language experience, and no language can be learned entirely devoid of culture. For this installment of our blog, we’d like to give you an insight into a huge cultural event that is currently in process here in Antigua. We are leading up [...]

The Importance of Studying Spanish

Hi, my name is Philip, and I am an American college student studying Spanish. I started studying Spanish when I was in the third grade. I can’t say that my classes were particularly rigorous, but I was first exposed to Spanish in the third grade, and took classes every year since. My classes became serious [...]

Spanish-A Key to Opportunity

It has been almost two years since the concept of Homeschool Spanish Academy was born and we’re still chugging along.  Our journey has been a classic case of a roller coaster, in every sense of the word.  I feel like every day is going to be a whole set of different emotions, ups and downs, [...]

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