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The Spanish Summer Dish of 2012

Who, Why? Hi my name is Alexander Buck, 25 years young and I love food so much that I married my life to it.  I work for a grocery company finding new products to put on shelves, I’ve been cooking since 16 years old, and the best thing on a weekend for me is good [...]

Get to know our HSA family

At HSA we thank you for the opportunity of letting us come into your home and together, break language barriers. You allowed us to meet your family, now meet ours!

“Fire” Volcano Erupts Close to Antigua

Earlier this week, Thursday, September 13,2012, a mushroom cloud appeared in the sky and soon thereafter, our tiny little town of Antigua, Guatemala was on the main page of international websites around the world.  The volcano known as “Fuego” (aka “Fire”) is one of Central America’s most active volcanoes and it overlooks our small town, [...]

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