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Mi Primera Lección

Brushing myself off and tilting my hat just right (which is slightly akimbo), I stacked my Spanish books haphazardly and brought myself into full composure for the start of mi primera lección.  The last time I met a Guatemalan for the first time I prepared myself for hours rehearsing the simplistic lines, although Mama Margarita [...]

La Vista De Un Volcan- Where My Spanish Life Began

…Arriving at Calle Candelaria “Onze Ah” at 1AM, merely 5 days ago, I awoke dear Margarita from her slumber uttering my practiced to a pulp Spanish speech “¡Muchas gracias senorita, estoy muy emocionado vivir aqui con usted!”  As the sun had set long before my arrival, I was not able to recognize the beauty of [...]

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