¿Cómo se dice “minority majority nation” en español?

Today’s modern American society is marked by a new wave of bilingual leaders, whose connection to the over 50 million native speakers of Spanish gives them a particular clout that otherwise they wouldn’t possess.    This holds great weight in the national picture, especially in the political spectrum.  Imagine representing the country with the greatest amount of Spanish speakers (which is predicted to be the US of A by 2050) and not knowing the language yourself? [1]  Such a reality lends credibility to the whispers in the space between red and blue, where Texas Democrats are recording the name of Julian Castro into vinyl of country music so that when you play it backwards the very most vermillion of the vox populi will be hearing the voice of the people’s people, the mayor of San Antonio and potential presidential candidate for 2016. [2]

Julian Castro delivering the Keynote Address for Obama at the 2012 DNC (the same position Obama was in four years before he was elected President)


That’s right.  Our transition to a minority majority nation is beginning now in the smoke-filled rooms of Austin and San Antonio (and in the case of Austin I’m not talking about cigar smoke).    If not Castro, then perhaps Marco Rubio on the right?  If not 2016 then 2020, 2024?   With efforts such as Battleground Texas[3], which lends credence to the proposed 40 percent growth in eligible voters coming through the Hispanic population, it isn’t a far shot to say that whether you’re working with P.Diddy and rockin’ the vote, or rockin’ the suit and tie with political parties, Spanish will soon become a necessity in get out the vote campaigns, registering new voters, and attracting attention to the message of your candidate.  Mottos will need to be cleverly crafted in English and español, and el Mercado will become a stop not just for spreading the pico de gallo on your tacos but the word to those who will make the swing states into salsa states (give it time, it will catch on).


So, whether you’re of the meek and reticent who shy away from talks with asses, or of the walk tall and carry a big stick who just can’t resist letting their trumpets blow with the rest of the pachyderms, you can no longer avoid answering the question-where will you be when America elects it’s first Latino president?  And more importantly, what language will you be speaking?

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