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¿Cómo se dice “minority majority nation” en español?

Today’s modern American society is marked by a new wave of bilingual leaders, whose connection to the over 50 million native speakers of Spanish gives them a particular clout that otherwise they wouldn’t possess.    This holds great weight in the national picture, especially in the political spectrum.  Imagine representing the country with the greatest amount [...]

The People on the Bus-The People of Antigua

  You can tell about where someone is going by the way they get on the bus.  His eyes, the hombre who watched people walk by his empanada stand all day, only 50 quetzales to bring home again, they are low and you can see him looking to the past, when the dust blew the [...]

Semana Santa: Antigua, Guatemala Celebrates Holy Week

At this moment today Ukrainians are gathered around the homemade brick oven, carefully crafting their many a pasca, a delightful sweet bread baked at Easter time and served with domashny syr, a mouthful of goodness in cheese when combined with the pasca, all to be put in humble wicker baskets along with sausage, eggs, ham, [...]

The Spanish Network: Opportunities For Bilingualists in Today’s Job Market

Unless you are a bear in hibernation or similarly snuggled up in your suburban refuge lost in the pretentions of Downton Abbey, it is next to impossible to escape the omnipresence of the Spanish language in our society today.   Life in America is becoming a sensory experience of the sabor latino, whether shining vividly in [...]

¿Qué dirección a la Amazonia? (The Importance of Conversation in Language Learning)

In the midst of a roar of a yawn, I opened up Skype and rubbed the sleepies out of my eyes.  “Buenos dias,” a not yet familiar voice said.  “Buenos dias Rosa, lo siento que soy un poco tarde, me he levantado solamente un momento hacer,” struggling to say this sentence in perhaps thrice the [...]

On The Tip of Our Tongue (But We Prefer It Inside Our Bellies)

From the pinnacle of the panhandle to the banks of the Rio Grande, Texans have since their infancy been inextricably connected (like it or not) to the Spanish language.  Whether by the fortified walls of San Antonio de Valero (known to gringos far and wide as “the Alamo”) or the aforementioned river that shares our [...]

Mi Primera Lección

Brushing myself off and tilting my hat just right (which is slightly akimbo), I stacked my Spanish books haphazardly and brought myself into full composure for the start of mi primera lección.  The last time I met a Guatemalan for the first time I prepared myself for hours rehearsing the simplistic lines, although Mama Margarita [...]

La Vista De Un Volcan- Where My Spanish Life Began

…Arriving at Calle Candelaria “Onze Ah” at 1AM, merely 5 days ago, I awoke dear Margarita from her slumber uttering my practiced to a pulp Spanish speech “¡Muchas gracias senorita, estoy muy emocionado vivir aqui con usted!”  As the sun had set long before my arrival, I was not able to recognize the beauty of [...]

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