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On The Tip of Our Tongue (But We Prefer It Inside Our Bellies)

From the pinnacle of the panhandle to the banks of the Rio Grande, Texans have since their infancy been inextricably connected (like it or not) to the Spanish language.  Whether by the fortified walls of San Antonio de Valero (known to gringos far and wide as “the Alamo”) or the aforementioned river that shares our [...]

Great Scott…It’s Daylight Savings!

It’s that time of year again; the time of year we all look forward to and dread… daylight savings! Living in a different country, that doesn’t observe the tradition, got me thinking, “What’s the original purpose of this practice? Does it still have any validity in today’s society? Where did come from?” In today’s post, [...]

Musings of a Boss

A “New to Me” Holiday It’s an adventure to be running a company in a foreign country.  You are always encountering new things that more often than not, warrant pause and reflection. Take something as simple as a national holiday.  As an outsider, it’s hard to fully grasp the meaning and significance of certain dates, [...]

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