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On The Tip of Our Tongue (But We Prefer It Inside Our Bellies)

From the pinnacle of the panhandle to the banks of the Rio Grande, Texans have since their infancy been inextricably connected (like it or not) to the Spanish language.  Whether by the fortified walls of San Antonio de Valero (known to gringos far and wide as “the Alamo”) or the aforementioned river that shares our [...]

27 quotes continued…(quotes 5-7)

Today’s three quotes come from Mark Twain and are directed to those people out there that are unsure about pulling the trigger and diving in to learning a new language. There are the voices in our head and voices of others that try to tell you to play it safe and not to try anything [...]

27 Inspirational quotes to keep you motivated

Hi my name is Mike Tucker and I am both challenged and excited to bring my first blog post to you. I am excited to bring to you some motivation that might inspire you start or continue your efforts in learning Spanish with us. I am challenged because I recognize my own weaknesses in writing [...]

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